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For Client

  • What is Lawclik?

    Lawclik is an online legal service portal matching you with great legal experience. You get your query addressed by the assigned lawyer from our team of lawyers, and have the services of conference, drafting, review, and, wherever applied for, the Panic button.

  • How does Lawclik benefit me?

    The benefits of Lawclik include transparency of services, i.e., to say that you can follow up on the work being done by the lawyer as soon as it is uploaded in your account. This ensures that you are also well informed about how your matter is being proceeded with, thereby maintaining the lawyer's efficiency and your satisfaction with regard to the work submitted.

  • How can I use your services?

    By creating an account with Lawclik, you will first have a 30-day free trial period to try our services. Upon its exhaustion, you can subscribe to the packages offered by Lawclik, as per your requirements. For the individual, these include Auxo, Carpo, and Thallo and for the company, Unomia and Draco.

  • What services can I avail of during the free subscription period?

    During the free subscription period, the services that can be availed of include conference with a lawyer through audio, video, or personal meetings and drafting and review of legal documents.

  • How will I be assigned a lawyer?

    Upon signing up, you will be automatically assigned a lawyer who will take up your legal query.

  • How do I pay for the subscription?

    Upon subscribing to Lawclik, you will be taken to the option of checking out with payment through online transfer or via a credit or debit card payable to the account of Lawclik.

  • How is the case status to be assessed?

    The status of a case pending before the court will be updated in your account, which you can check at any point after signing into Lawclik.

  • Will I be informed when my trial period finishes?

    Yes, Lawclik shall inform you when the trial period finishes. We shall keep prompting you about the conclusion of the trial period via SMS/email.

Service FAQS

  • How do I start the process of such drafting?

    The process of drafting starts with you uploading the relevant documents on your account as discussed with the lawyer assigned. Once the documents have been put up, in a timeframe of 4–6 working days, the first draft is posted in your account for you to check.

  • In how much time would a draft be made ready?

    The draft, depending upon the nature of the case at hand, would be ready in 4–6 working days and posted on your account for you to check.

  • What kind of documents can you draft for me?

    At Lawclik, we can draft a very wide range of documents related to criminal, civil, matrimonial, corporate, contracts and agreements, taxation and intellectual property law. If you do not know which section your document falls under, you can discuss it with your lawyer.

  • What happens if I put up the wrong documents?

    You will be informed by the lawyer assigned about the documents to be put up. However, in case you put up wrong documents, the same can be deleted from your account and replaced with the relevant documents.

  • Will I be informed about what comprises relevant documents?

    Yes, during the conference (whether face to face, audio, or video) you shall be informed by the lawyer assigned as to what comprises relevant documents, as per the case.

  • Once I have exhausted the pages of drafting as mentioned in the packages, what should I do?

    Upon exhausting the pages of drafting as given in the package subscribed to by the client – individual or company – the client has two options – one is to avail the exclusive service of drafting for Rs.3000 for one round of drafting, i.e., 10 pages of drafting, and the other is to avail a new package for the subscription charges as stated on the website.

  • If I exhaust the rounds of conference, as given in the packages, what do I do?

    Upon exhausting the rounds of conference as provided for in the packages offered by Lawclik, the client – individual or company – can either avail the exclusive service of conference (face to face, audio, or video) for an amount of Rs.3000 (30 minutes) or resubscribe to a package, which will be in addition to the remaining services of the previously availed package.

  • Do I also get to talk about my case with the assigned lawyer via e-mail, apart from the 3 modes of conference viz. audio, video, and face to face?

    Yes, you can keep in touch with the assigned lawyer via e-mail.

  • Will I be able to call my lawyer, as assigned by Lawclik, outside of availing the conference option?

    This would be subjective to your discussion with the assigned lawyer. A time may be fixed for you to call the lawyer in case of urgency.

  • What is the panic button for?

    The Panic button is for emergency situations. If you need immediate legal help for any reason and your package includes the Panic button service, all you need to do is press the Panic button and your lawyer will reach out to you. Currently, this service is available only from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

For Lawyer

  • What is Lawclik?

    Lawclik is an online platform that brings lawyers and clients together. It aspires to provide ethical legal services to clients at a fair price and also safeguard the lawyer’s interest when they deal with clients.

  • How can I partner with Lawclik?

    You can write to us at support@lawclik.com or call us on +91-11-40366506. You can also register on our lawyer’s portal, https://www.lawclik.com/lawyer-register.

  • How will I benefit from Lawclik?

    Lawclik benefits lawyers in many ways. On our portal, you can find clients who are interested in legal counsel and services. Also, we match requests with lawyers based on their specialization. Hence, a criminal lawyer doesn’t get a civil document to review or draft. Similarly, we also ensure that a lawyer gets his/her fee on time. Further, Lawclik organizes pre-planned conferences with your clients, which they can book in advance. In short, Lawclik not only helps you find clients to work for, but also takes the administrative workload off your shoulders.